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Map kapan map of japan for Th ese examples show that rules for Zen temples are at once everything and nothing, the necessary glue that makes a delicate social fabric function smoothly and the chains in the dungeon that must be cast aside to attain liberation from all forms of bondage. Temple regulations were carefully craft ed yet remain invariably arbitrary and capricious. In any event, a new or proven order needs to be created or enhanced based on the charisma and spontaneity of the spiritually awakened leader attuned to the nuances and vicissitudes of the complex social environment. But this spiritual power will not prevail unless there is a careful plan for ritual implementation both within and beyond the halls of the temple compound. Th e Zen abbot cannot and should not be bound by the random structure of any or ga ni za tion, but he must also recognize and epitomize through his behavior that he does not hold himself above the rules of the system. How is it possible to proceed in the ever- changing context of modernization while navigating a middle path between constraint and freedom? We shall now see examples that have worked well or failed famously. Modern developments regarding the practice of koans in coming to and greatly infl uencing the West were grouped into several categories in a seminal short essay from the late 1950s, when the popularity of Zen along with a broader fascination with Asian culture was fi rst taking off in postwar America, by Alan Watts titled Beat Zen, Square Zen, and Zen. Map kapan map of japan 2016.

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