Map Of Kansas And Missouri

Clearing the city limits, we’re on the home-stretch to our first stage destination (in our longer “Western Loop”) near the northeastern corner of Kansas where we’ll learn these two of forty-seven wind-electric generators are a hot topic of conversation among the farming folks – odd, as I would’ve thought wind-farms would be huge through the blowing plains, so having not seen any through most of the trip was a bit of a shock coming off the heavily turbined Columbia River Gorge in our area of the Pacific Northwest. (west of Baileyville, KS still in Marshall county – because the operation chief wanted all the generators in one county, so it couldn’t cross over into Nemaha County near this point -if I understand the word-of-mouth story behind this endeavor – June 18, 2016, 16:44PDT, SX700 1/1000s f5.6 ISO250 through front windscreen looking northeast)

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