Map Kansas City Missouri

Moving slowly around the station, the little details awaiting discovery are incredible – although some are hard to believe, like the textured blocks and reliefs which abound under the tiled roof eaves – not to mention, the stenciled double-doors, “Train Men Only” on the platform side of the building. (Marysville, KS, 13:56 PDT, SX700 1/800 f5.6 ISO100)

Big bonus! This is like hitting the daily-double three times. Catching a caboose, even just stuffed among the trees, still wearing original livery is great – thanks, Marysville. This little gem is stashed currently across the way from the depot and will hopefully get a home somewhere associated with the station. (Marysville, KS, June 19, 2016, 13:54 1/800s f5 ISO 320, and 96°F in the shade.)

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