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Map of Harare Tourist on The ratio of homeownership went up from a roughly estimated 36 percent to 40 percent. While this may seem like a relatively small increase in the ratio over a full generation, it should be kept in mind that the country had absorbed a massive inflow of poor immigrants; despite their economic progress most families still could not afford to own their own homes. Mortgage credit was limited compared with later periods. The period from 1880 to 1916 incorporated the Progressive Era, and housing reform was an integral part of this movement, with special emphasis on the elimination of tenement houses, which crowded the land and lacked proper light, ventilation, fire protection, and rudimentary sanitary facilities. Commercial builders speculatively built tenements for low-income renters at an earlier time during strong population growth and rising land values. Enactment of building and housing codes specifying minimum standards for both new and existing construction was the principle objective of this restrictive legislation. Enforcement of the codes was reasonably effective with regard to new construction, one result of which was to raise the cost of new housing beyond the reach of poor families. Map of Harare Tourist 2016.

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