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Map france for Guishan acknowledges the merit of Deshan’s irreverence, although the comments by Xuedou, the original compiler of the cases in the Blue Cliff Record, indicate that his words of praise come too little and too late. Th e aim of the capping phrases is to comment ironically on the encounter, fi rst by questioning Deshan, who is repeatedly demeaned as a wild fox spirit and a deceiver who carries a board on his shoulder and cannot move beyond a narrow, one- sided perspective. Th e capping- phrase commentary also refers to Deshan as a spirit turtle, which means that he leaves a trail behind aft er his travels. When a turtle lays eggs in the sand it covers them to hide them, but as it leaves, its tail makes a track, revealing the hatchlings’ nest. Th is is similar to a Zen saying that you can hide a body but the shadow is still revealed. In the commentary, Guishan is praised as a kind of general who sets strategy in motion while remaining inside his tent. Yet at the end of the main case, the capping- phrase commentary reverses itself and critiques Guishan as someone who draws his bow aft er the thief has already fl ed. Map france 2016.

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