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These tables show the countries that use the most and least water per

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for a larger version of our map of billionaire/celebrity networks

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Death toll rises in northern India earthquake. At least 100 people

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Forbes Lake Park

Map Forbes for n Over-generalisation drawing a general negative conclusion on the basis of a single incident That’s it ? my pain stopped me going to the cinema ? that’s something else I can’t do’. n Arbitrary inference drawing a conclusion without sufficient evidence to support it The pain means I have a tumour. I just know it’. n Selective abstraction focusing on a detail taken out of context OK, I know I was able to cope with going out, but my joints ached all the time, and I know that will stop me going out in future’. A good example of how long-term schemata drive very stressful ways of responding to external events is provided by Price’s cognitive model of type A behaviour see Chapter From her clinical work with type A men, she concluded that the schemata underlying type A behaviour were low self-esteem and a belief that one can gain the esteem of others only by continually proving oneself as an achiever’ and a capable individual. These underlying beliefs underpinned more conscious competitive, time-urgent or hostile thoughts. Surface cognitions associated with type A behaviour include n Time-urgent thoughts Come on ? we haven’t got all day ? I’m going to be late! Why is he so slow? Am I the only person who gets things done around here?’ n Hostile thoughts That person cut me up deliberately! I’ll sort him out. Map Forbes 2016.

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