Map Chicago Cta

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Chicago CTA Map

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Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Map

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Cta Train Map

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CTA map

Map Chicago Cta for A second strategy is to set up homework tasks that directly challenge any inappropriate cognitive beliefs that individuals may hold. An example of this can be found in the case of the individual who believes that they cannot go to a party without drinking, and who may be set the homework task of trying to remain sober at a party ? directly challenging their belief that they need to drink alcohol to be socially engaging and the exaggerated ultimate belief that they will lose their job if they remain sober. Clearly, such challenges should be realistic. If a person attempts a task that is too hard and fails to achieve it, this may maintain or even strengthen the pre-existing beliefs. Accordingly, they have to be chosen with care and mutually agreed by both the individual concerned and the therapist. However, success in these tasks can bring about long-term cognitive and behavioural changes. The complexities of these types of intervention, which fall under the rubric of cognitive-behavioural therapy, mean that they are used infrequently in the context of primary prevention, and more frequently with people who have already developed health problems see Chapter However, it can be a useful form of therapy with people who engage in difficult-to-change behaviours such as addiction to alcohol or other drugs that may be harmful to health. Map Chicago Cta 2016.

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