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caribbean map

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Caribbean Map

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Caribbean Map ‚ Map of the Caribbean

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Caribbean Island Sea Map ‚ Caribbean Island Sea Satellite Image

Map Caribbean for Kinney et al. ; Kramer Kinney et al. investigated the daily hassles and uplifts stresses and satisfactions reported by seventy-eight family caregivers of stroke patients and found that caregivers generally reported more uplifts such as the care recipient cooperating with them, having pleasant interactions with care recipient on a day-to-day basis than they did hassles such as care recipient complaining or criticising, care recipient being unresponsive. However, this did vary depending on the care recipient’s level of impairment, with care recipients who had greater impairment generally having caregivers who reported more hassles. While hassles were strong predictors of poor caregiver wellbeing, when the overall number of uplifts outweighed the number of hassles reported, caregivers were less depressed and had better social relations than when hassles outweighed uplifts. Such protective or buffering effects of uplifts, even in the face of concurrent hassles, highlights the need for studies to assess both negative and positive aspects of caring and to examine the interaction between them in order to further understanding of the effects of such counterbalancing on caregiver wellbeing. Rapp and Chao did exactly that in their study of dementia caregivers and they concluded from regression analyses that appraisals of strain and appraisals of gain exerted independent effects on negative affect strain positively associated with NA, gain negatively associated. Map Caribbean 2016.

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