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Map canada map of canada for Th is approach off ers a critical analysis that does not pass judgment in a way that might diminish or overvalue the signifi cance of the tradition, while also resisting the view of koans as representing a timeless truth immune to variability or verifi ability. Historical examinations at once build upon and attempt to avoid the pitfalls of apologetics and skepticism by maintaining a balanced and impartial descriptive standpoint that captures the experiential meaning and signifi cance of the religious phenomena depicted in the cases under study, whether from a scholarly or practitioner standpoint. Japan remains the leader in promoting scholarly research on Zen, in large part because around the beginning of the twentieth century both the Rinzai and Soto sects (along with other Buddhist schools) created their own universities, Hanazono University in Kyoto and Komazawa University in Tokyo, respectively. Although these institutions started in the style of seminaries but became full- fl edged secular universities aft er the American occupation education reforms, they retain strong Buddhist studies departments and research centers that train scholars and off er course work on Zen history and thought. Th e number of publications produced in Japan every year on Zen, whether dense academic material or more pop u lar works resembling manga (comics), is phenomenal. Recent trends in China and Korea show that these countries are quickly catching on and catching up to the Japa nese standard with their own distinctive contributions to academic learning as well as Whither Koans, or Wither? 167 pop u lar practices in regard to the use of koans. In China, since the 1980s, there has been a steady, ongoing pro cess of restoring the grounds and reviving monastic life at Buddhist temples throughout the country. Map canada map of canada 2016.

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