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Qebec City Canada[/cation

Hwy 2 by-asses this little town, bt it is worth while to follow the rd which winds the dee-ct valley of the ortnef river which gives ower for the local aer-mills This intriging rd eventally arrives at St Raymond o 3,000, 23 m; here there are more aer-mills

After ortnef the hills come forward to the river and the lain along its banks disaears; the CR line has already gone inland, bt the hwy follows a narrow stri of land between the stee cliff to the 1 and the river to the r The river widens again from 2 to 3 m The stee bank on the oosite shore contines beyond t laton which is assed soon after leaving ortnef

138 m Donnaconna o 3,837 This town is reached after Crossing the stee-sided Jacqes Cartier valley near its jnction with the St Lawrence Lmber is floated down the St Jacqes river to feed its l and aer mili
The rd winds along the sloing shore of the St Lawrence to the village of Neville, 146 m, where it follows a terrace inland to a distance of a mile or two from the river 160 m Lor ette o 4,850; this growing town, now sbrban to Qebec city, was fonded abot 1650 as a centre for converted Indians
The rd is now 3 m inland from the St Lawrence river which has now narrowed to nder % m where the railway bridge crosses it to Charny and the Chadiere river valley;

At Lorette, Hwy 2 divides, giving two alternative ways of entering Qebec city One may either contine on the 1 rd and enter by way of the Basse-Ville or lower town, along by the river; or one may trn r and enter by way of Ste Foy 169 m Qebec
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