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Description California Counties and Court of Appeals Map.

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Description California population map.png

Map California for Approaches that target whole populations are likely to be less effective in achieving change in any one individual than one-to-one interventions. Nevertheless, because of the large number of individuals who may be reached through this type of intervention, they may still achieve significant change over an entire population. A one-to-one intervention that achieved change in, say, per cent of those who took part would be considered highly ineffective. A large-scale intervention that targeted hundreds of thousands if not millions of individuals and achieved a similar success rate could be considered highly effective at least in terms of the resources and costs necessary to achieve any changes. That is, such interventions have the potential to be highly cost-effective. CHAPTER OUTLINE In the last chapter, we considered how we can influence health-related behaviour through individually based interventions. While these may be effective, no government or body involved in public health has the resources to intervene at a one-to-one level with the entire population ? nor would people in the population want to be involved in any attempt to do so. Map California 2016.

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