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Broughton Map

Resolution: 567 x 441 113 kB
Size: 567 x 441 113 kB

map broughton 187 Map Broughton

edinburgh new town robert kirkwood map broughton 1819 broughton

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Historic Map of Broughton

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Bradford City Angling Association

Map Broughton for While these differences are not central to the aim of the current study, between-patient differences may have obscured the real extent of differences between patients and healthy women. The method of assessing perceptions of a specific illness from healthy individuals is possibly a bit messy Imagine how a breast cancer patient would cope’, for example, is asking a person to put themselves into another’s shoes ? some people are more able to do this than others, depending on their natural qualities of empathy and imagination. The authors suggest that it may be better in future studies to use detailed case scenarios for the healthy participants to rate. However, it has to be said that there is no easy improvement on the methodology used ? proxy or hypothetical views are always going to be just that. It is entirely reasonable that researchers wanting to highlight social perceptions of an issue or illness use methods such as those used here. Many currently healthy people will be patients or carers in the future, and it is important that perceptions that may elicit negative attitudes or negative helping behaviour are identified and addressed. Causal attributions of illness Attributional models are all about where a person locates the cause’ of an event, or in the case of this chapter, symptoms and/or illness. Map Broughton 2016.

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