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Map britain for My Angel made me aware of my failures, of my sinfulness, while bitter remorse and indignation welled up inside me and I found myself shaking and sobbing with remorse, sorrow, and pain. In short, I saw everything I had done to contradict the holiness of God. At the same time as I was accusing and loathing myself for these sins, I felt agony in every fiber of my spirit, mind, and body. It felt as though I was descending into the mired depths of my soul while Heavenly flames roared, enveloping me on all sides, burning my passions to the root and incinerating all that hindered God’s passage in my soul. Daniel in no uncertain terms let me know that the two worst offenses of all were how I had ignored God’s blessings and misused the gifts He had given me. This revelation of my soul brought me into another alarming experience. It felt just as though I was totally naked, covered with leprosy, and standing alone in disgrace and shame before the eyes of the Divine. Map britain 2016.

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