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questions, and you‚„re in years 1-6 at school, then Blast is for you

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Infamous ‚ Blast Shards

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Ascension Parish Blast Shards Map

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Oslo: Bomb blast near Norway prime minister‚„s office

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Map Blast for Miller and Rollnick consider the process of motivational interviewing to be a philosophy of supporting individual change and not attempting to persuade an individual to go against their own wishes, rather than a set of specific techniques. Nevertheless, a few key strategies can be identified. Perhaps the key questions in the interview are n What are some of the good things about your present behaviour? n What are the not so good things about your present behaviour? The first question is perhaps slightly surprising but important, as it acknowledges that the individual is gaining something from their present behaviour and is intended to reduce the potential for resistance. Once the individual has considered each issue both for and against change, they are summarised by the counsellor in a way that highlights the dissonance between the two sets of issues. Once this has been fed back to the individual, they are invited to consider how this information makes them feel. Only if they express some interest in change should the interview then go on to consider how to change. Other key elements and strategies include n expressing empathy; n avoiding arguments by assuming that the individual is responsible for the decision to change; n rolling with resistance rather than confronting or opposing it; n supporting self-efficacy and optimism for change. Map Blast 2016.

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