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Map of Barcelona Tourist on Housing production in World War I dropped to a level not seen since the depressed 1870s. Housing starts declined from 437,000 units in 1916 to 240,000 units in 1917 and 118,000 units in 1918, due to rising costs and the diversion of capital and materials to war production. The reduced rate of production during the war, coinciding with a time of rising income, produced a severe housing shortage, estimated at 1 million units in 1920. The federal government became directly involved in housing construction, outside government reservations, as a war measure during World War I under the Emergency Fleet Corporation and United States Housing Corporation. The former acted as mortgagee while retaining control over rents and prices; the latter assumed direct responsibility for construction. These organizations provided over 15,000 new family dwelling housing 389 units as well as other accommodations in defense production centers. After World War I, the federal government returned to its policy of laissez-faire. Map of Barcelona Tourist 2016.

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