Map Alton

map alton 7 Map Alton

Map of Alton in 1820

Resolution: 1623 x 2055 292 kB
Size: 1623 x 2055 292 kB

map alton 196 Map Alton

Old Park Maps

map alton 278 Map Alton

ata gallery features maps guides 1991 map file 2 2

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map alton 510 Map Alton

The Alton Towers Hotel

map alton 74 Map Alton

from center of map displays approximate resolution of the street map

Map Alton for The most negative perceptions and conflicting perceptions emerged in relation to perceptions of control/cure, with shared positive perceptions more evident in relation to the identity, timeline and consequences dimensions. Dyads with shared positive perceptions fared better in terms of lower disability, fewer sexual functioning difficulties, less health-related distress, greater vitality and better global adjustment than dyads with negative or conflicting perceptions. In a similar vein, Heijmans et al. compared the illness representations of married couples in chronic fatigue syndrome CFS and Addison’s disease AD and found that couples in both disease groups differed in terms of perceived consequences and timeline of the disease AD caregivers perceived greater and longer-lasting consequences than patients; CFS patients perceived greater consequences but a shorter timeline than caregivers. Perceptions of identity and cause of the illnesses were relatively similar within couples. Although this cross-sectional study reported only minimal association between discrepant illness perceptions and coping behaviour, consistent relationships were found between discrepancies and the patient outcomes of physical and social functioning, psychological adjustment, and vitality. Spousal minimisation of CFS and its consequences was predictive of poorer patient outcomes, and perhaps surprisingly, spousal pessimism about timeline was associated with better outcomes in AD. Map Alton 2016.

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