There Are Many Great Reasons to Spend the Holidays in Yellowstone National Park

When thinking about holidays, one of the most important things is to create memories that everyone in the family has forever. Make those memories special and do something unusual and memorable. What could be more memorable than taking the family, or that one special loved one, and spending the holidays in Yellowstone National Park? There are activities that will make a visit to the park something that kids from five to ninety will never forget.

Cross Country Skiing

One of the great things to do at West Yellowstone can only be done when there is snow on the ground, and that is cross country skiing. There are trails that are groomed and maintained that allow inexperienced skiers a chance to get into the back country and enjoy the wildlife, and of course the natural beauty of mountains, huge forests, and geysers. There are also great trails for more experienced skiers. If you don’t have the right gear, there are outfitters and guides to help people of all skill levels move on down the trail.

Wolf Watching

Want to see something that will make the holidays memorable? Yellowstone offers guided snowshoe tours with wolf ecologists. Winter is the best time to spot these elusive giants who are the great uncles of your pet dog. Watch and hear these beasts and be impressed by their raw power, their social structures, and their dignity. You will also get to spend several nights at the Mammoth Hot Spring Hotel while you’re wolf watching.

Dog Sledding

What Jack London fan wouldn’t want to go dog sledding? Holiday time is a great time to see Yellowstone from a dogsled. For centuries man has been using dogs and sleds to maneuver through the countryside of the west in winter. Let an expert outfitter help you get out on the road and enjoy the scenery of West Yellowstoneand imagine that you are in a London novel.

Cut a Christmas Tree

One of the import ways that forests are managed is to remove some of the trees. There are places in Yellowstone National Park where visitors can pay a small fee and go pick out their own Christmas tree. Just because you’re spending the holidays away from home doesn’t mean that the kids won’t hope for a tree on that special morning, and what could make that tree more special than to know they picked it out themselves. But don’t forget; only get trees where cutting is permitted!

Enjoy the Ranger Program

Do you have a future park ranger on your hands? Do you want to know what a park ranger does from day to day? There is a ranger program at Yellowstone that is free, and is year round. There really is no better way to really learn about Yellowstone National Park than to learn in detail what the rangers learn so they can tell tourists. Take snowshoe walks, learn more about ecology in the parks, and learn what makes geysers tick (or spout). This really is fun for the whole family.

When you go to Yellowstone National Park you’re going to a special place. Nature is at its most memorable, and memories are what holidays are supposed to be. Consider making winter holidays especially memorable by taking the family, or that one special loved one, out to Yellowstone National Park.

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