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His great central figure is Christ, whom he, in Greek, appropriately calls Logos. Christ is at the center of the Clementine reflections as humankind’s great teacher and redeemer. The Christian must become like him: this is expounded with the help of the Stoic ideal of wisdom and with the use of Platonic and gnostic reasoning, from which he shows the often-wearisome way that, together with the eternal High Priest, leads us, though numerous gradations in this life and in the midst of the angelic ranks in the next, to the throne of God. Other opinions of his on Adam’s sin, on penitence, and on the problem of marriage and virginity, which he subordinates to marriage become comprehensible only in the context of his polemic against gnosticism. Considered in its entirety, his doctrine is a spur to Christian faith, in which the stress is put on continuity, even if the conditions are changed. Thus Clement may be called a theologian of tradition more than of Scripture, and one who puts particular stress on the solution of current problems and consequently a great ethicist.

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