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Manama Map

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Manama Map for Moreover, its long tail streamed across much of the evening/night sky for the ? days that the Magi were journeying from Babylon to Jerusalem, seeming to go before them to the west. Then one night, between November / and November /December , after ushering the Magi to Bethlehem in the south-southwest, the comet stood over the house where Jesus was, about ? degrees in length. The longest tail lengths among Yeomans’s great comets are Tebbutt’s Comet of , which grew to degrees, and the Great comet of C/ W, which was degrees long. In regards to tail length, the Great Christ Comet seems to have surpassed even these impressive comets. The Christ Comet’s tail is reminiscent of the Great March Comet of On March , , that comet was degrees long, by March it was between and degrees, on March about degrees, and on March approximately degrees. Such a sustained period of tail length is most impressive. However, it is outdone by the Christ Comet, for its tail was longer and remained so for a considerably greater time. Manama Map 2016.

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