Maldives World Biggest Underwater Restaurant At A 5 Star Resort


Mmm taking Instagram of course. And enjoying this wonderful view first question Wow we're good lunch. And I will start with showing you lunch they like to enjoy your lunch together the beginning nothing but desserts in this area look a beautiful cake it's like art PC just art more art it's unbelievable. I mean it just looks like. So much work.

Maldives World Biggest Underwater Restaurant At A 5 Star Resort Gallery Photos

Maldives World Biggest Underwater Restaurant At A 5 Star Resort

And now that, I'm not a cook you know that modest goal Oh excellent sorry. I love that. I love anything eggplant in anything career surface should be great look how beautiful it is. I'll show you the afternoon. So I imagine this is like a girl yeah pasta oh. And hello hello everyone. And this is the tower section – perhaps the sperm gonna go through but some beautiful fancy shallots look at that lovely presentation on point oh look at that little little baby salad. And now we just have to choose our table somewhere around there oh those amazing, I'm always covered in coconut oil And So relaxed And So so perfect this is my extensions odd things like.

I can't believe justice this is. I guess experienced such amazing things in life you know. And mention all things to learn how to massage myself. And other people actually attractive talents to have. I think this is. So good let's factor last. So I just arrived in the biggest old US underwater restaurant in the world. And I just want to show you but it's not actually easy to make underwater restaurant this is how fake the glasses can you believe it. And I can't even imagine the pressure, I'm. So excited because you know we've been to Dubai. And the aquarium restaurants but I've never actually been to one that's out. And about in the ocean we don't feed the fish. And they're all in their natural environment oh wow no way look at that we're just submerge in you can already see first fish Wow alright, I'm too many people. And it's such a small boutique restaurant – oh look at that that is amazing all this fish hanging out here let's keep going here we are oh wow no way look at that amazing ah just look the coral Wow champagne Kolkata Prosecco faculty wow. I want to try that amazing my favorite thing thank you well if reciprocal hypothesis with Coca vulgar online Prosecco this is what a great idea is a good mix of the Pina Colada real self just better oh. So delicious I've never had this before.

So come turn your fish oh my goodness they begin to crystallize, I'm in shock oh my goodness that's crazy look how beautiful this desert is all right. I think that's our mother Esther eight courses later. And pounds heavier her lip the rostrum is my crew baby. And as you were just my hair when you can see fit today they realize down there section rest job on our example we need to think. And actually don't have to sit all the way at the bottom there's a restaurant on top of all. I attempt to go for a walk around the island it's a very small island, I'm going to be a long walk. But I need to burn this Oh delicious.

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