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Atoll Population Capital
Addu 18,026 Hithadhoo
Aliff Aliff 5,776 Rasdhoo
Aliff Daalu Mahibadhoo
Baa 9,578 Eydhafushi
Daalu 4,967 Kudahuvadhoo
Faafu 3,765 Magoodhoo
Gaafu Aliff 8,262 Villingili
Gaafu Daalu 11,013 Thinadhoo
Haa Aliff 13,495 Dhidhdhoo
Haa Daalu 16,237 Kulhudhuffushi
Kaafu 15,441 Thulusdhoo
Laamu 11,990 Fonadhoo
Laviyani 9,190 Naifaru
Male 103,693 Male
Meemu 4,710 Muli
Naviyani 7,636 Fuamulaku
Noonu 10,015 Manadhoo
Raa 14,756 U’ngoofaaru
Shaviyani 11,940 Funadhoo
Thaa 8,493 Veymandoo
Waavu 1,606 Felidhoo
21 divisions 298,968

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