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I, praef Eucherius deduces his interpretations from authoritative exegetes who have preceded him, surely from Jerome in book II of the Instructiones I. Opelt, Quellenstudien zu E. and in the part of book I on the Psalms Curti, Spiritalis intelligentia, 1 n. 2. In the praefatio of the For- mulae, Eucherius illustrates his own exegetical method. He postulates a triplex scripturarum regula, Malawi Map i.e., the literal reading, the moral or tropological reading, and the spiritual or anagogical reading, which he correlates though purely extrinsically to the tripartite division of the human being body, Malawi Map soul and spirit and of philosophy physical or natural, ethical or moral, logical or rational. But Eucherius does not apply this theory to his own writings, confining himself to a merely dual exegesis, literal and esp. allegorical Curti. Eucherius’s exegetical works spread widely and had lasting influence, Malawi Map as is proven by the manuscript tradition much richer and more complex than Wotke has shown present in the major scriptorial centers of medieval Europe and in almost every century from the 6th to the age of humanism.

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