Malatya City Of Turkey

Malatya City Of Turkey for Dilthey wrote that understanding of other people and their expressions is developed on the basis of experience and selfunderstanding and the constant interaction between them.12 In other words, we understand people, their behavior and expressions, because we share with them the experience of certain thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. Political theorists are hermeneuts who interpret things political. Like the biblical hermeneuts who interpreted religious services and scripture for those who shared the same faith, political theorists share certain attitudes and experiences with the members of their audience. Not all attitudes and experiences are shared, however. If they were, there would be little for the theorist to communicate and nothing for her to argue about. Even if the members of the theorist’s audience do not speak different languages or come from different cultures, they undoubtedly will have different conceptual schemes, beliefs, and values. Malatya City Of Turkey 2016.

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