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EAGLE LAKE AND UMBAZOOKSUS RAILROAD, an abandoned railway built in 1925 to haul pulpwood. The remains of two steam locomotives stand on the shore of Eagle Lake. The rest of the rail cars are there, too, but are so overgrown they’re very hard to find. by Gil Kilpatrick with its lips on packing, menus, itineraries, and equipmenl. The Allagash by Lew Diet/ offers information on the history of the region.

The spud is Maine’s biggest agricultural product. Inland and hugging the Canadian border, Aroostook County, or The County, is Maine’s largest county and premier agri cultural site. In the 1940s, Maine’s rich soil yielded the largest potato crop in the nation, dropping to eighth place by 1994.

Farming has dropped oft in Maine over the years, but organic farming is now on the increase. In 2015. Maine had 517 organic farms, and one organic grower raises 26 vari eties in every color potatoes come in. Despite the decrease from historic levels, Maine still harvests 63,000 acres of potatoes, with sales of around $540,000,000 annually.


Eat them

Some frozen French fries and potato chips made from Maine potatoes are produced in Maine (look for the blue State of Maine trademark!).

Or find a retailer selling some of the many colored varieties of organic Maine potatoes and cook them up yourself. Enjoy them at one of Maine’s many farm to table restaurants.

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Drink them

Less than 1 percent of the world’s vodka is made from potatoes these days. However,

Maine Distilleries in Freeport produces award winning small batch vodka and gin made from Maine potatoes.

The nine day Maine Potato Blossom Festi val is held each July in Aroostook County, when the breathtaking views of Aroostook’s sweeping, sloping potato lields are blooming.

The festival is so popular that more than one has been scheduled in recent years, but all at the same time. The Fort Fairfield festi val hosts a Potato Queen pageant, a mashed potato wrestling event, a parade with floats, fireworks, and four nights of music.

Kids in Aroostook County still get time off from school in the fall for Harvest Break to help families pick potatoes.

Founded in Portland in the 1940, Humpty Dumpty is technically no longer a Maine com-pany-it’s Canadian. But the chips are still made with Maine potatoes and United States sales are almost entirely in Maine. In addition to plain and common flavors like barbecue, salt & vinegar, and sour cream & onion, Humpty Dumpty can be found in these flavors: Dill Pickle, Lobster Bisque, Cheese & Onion, All Dressed, Smokin’ Bacon, and Ketchup.

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