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Now, Maine is the only state with puffin nesting grounds, with five island populations of puffins: Eastern Egg Rock, Seal Island, Matinicus Rock, Machias Seal Island, and Petit Manan.

The Old Sow is the affectionate name given to the biggest tidal whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere, perhaps because of the pig like noises it makes when it’s churning. A more likely explanation for this whirlpool’s name, however, is a mispronunciation by early set tiers of the word “sough,” which is a drain ing or sucking sound.

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I his unusual phenomenon is located off the northeast shore of Moose Island, Eastport, and Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada. Old Sow is surprisingly slow, since the tides in the area are not. It measures 250 feet across and, oddly, is not usually a navigational hazard unless boat operators are inexperienced.

Small craft are urged to avoid the area when the tide is running, especially in times of high wind and spring tides. It’s not just the large funnel itself that’s risky, it’s also the occasional weird turbulence a combination of currents and eddies, standing walls of water, and lots of other oddly named smaller spouts and gyres,

Old Sow moves around a bit and it’s somewhat unpredictable, sometimes even more active on the outgoing tide, mariners report. It’s the result of huge amounts of sea water rushing into a confined space a 400 foot trench around a 120 foot undersea mount and then into another 350 foot trench. Other ledges on the bottom and countercurrents in the tides, combined with strong winds, all alter Old Sow’s activity.

One way to see Old Sow is to take a lerrv. All the seasonal ferries from Deer Island get close enough for travelers to see lots of activity,

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