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If you don’t want to venture onto the water to witness Old Sows performance up close, try an on land viewing from Deer Point in the Deer Island Campground near the ferry land ing. You can also see it from Water Street or Clark Street on Moose island, or from the north end of Dog Island.

But it you do want to try your hand at panning for gold, you can do it in Maine (the state had a mini gold rush of its own before the famous 1849 rush in California). Gold has been found in many places in Maine, usually as a by product of other kinds of mining. The amount of the pre cious metal that’s been found has never been spectacular, so you shouldn’t plan on striking the mother lode.

Western Maine is the prime area for finding gold and the best spot is the Swift River, a tributary of the Androscoggin. Prospectors often try the major tributaries such as Berdeen Stream, and the Fast and West branches of the Swift. If you’re will ing to do a bit of hiking to remote areas, try Tumbledown Brook, West Brook, and some other drainages around Webb Lake in Weld. The Sandy River, a 73 mile long tributary in Franklin County, drains into the Kennebec River. It’s another waterway where gold has been found in the river and its tributaries, fry Chandler Mill and Crossman Streams near Madrid. Also in Franklin County, there’s the Nile Brook in Rangeley.

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The kennabago River in Oxford County is another spot to try. Nearby Cupsuptic River was once closed due to riverbank erosion caused bv gold panners, some of whom used banned mechanized equip ment. Check for updates.

Over in Somerset County, try the aptly named Gold Brook, which runs through Bow man in Oxford County, Chain of Ponds in Franklin County, and Chase Stream and Appleton Township in Somerset County. Also in Somerset, take a chance on the South Branch of the Penobscot River near the Quebec border, which flows through

Canada Kalis Lake and Seboomook Lake.

Midsummer is considered the best lime for panning the weather is warm and the water is usually low. Check the Maine government site tor regulations and sug gestions. There are also businesses who will offer instruction, rental of panning equip ment, and guidance to panning areas.

Materials for gold hunting are fairly simple and easy to find. They’re for sale online for one thing, and general stores near popular Maine gold panning areas have many essentials a would be prospector needs.

Remember that what vou find may be merely specks of gold, so it’s important to learn the proper technique and have ade quate equipment to separate line gold from sand and gravel. Nuggets may be found, but they’re rare in Maine. No special permits are needed as long as vou use unniechani/ed equipment, but check with the state for any possible changes. Landowner permission is needed on private land, of course.

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