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macquarie university map 2 Macquarie University Map

Macquarie University Campus Map (Click for printable version)

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Macquarie University Museums and Collections map

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GEMOC ARC National Key Centre

Macquarie University Map for ID, years The reasons the majority of men were less well informed than this individual may have been, at least in part, because they did not actively seek information ? indeed, they may have deliberately blocked information ? either because they had already made a decision to have the testing to be honest I had already made up my mind that I would [have the test because I had had sufficient outside advice that men over ought to have the test. ID, years it wasn’t just like Oh I’m walking down the road I’ll pop in,’ do you know what I mean? I got the information that I wanted from him as much as I needed to make a decision, and I had pretty much made the decision when I went in. ID, years or because they were wary of too much’ information. They thought that additional information would make them anxious, and they trusted the GP to make the decision for them it’s nice to have the information but sometimes it’s too much information it can put you on the worry, I feel quite happy that uh I had the blood test and if there was anything wrong I have always put my faith in doctors and the Health Service. ID, years Discussion The authors concluded that the strongest message from this study was that general practitioners struggle to effectively provide men with balanced information regarding the benefits and limitations of PSA testing. They did not always provide men with the required information and many men did not want to be given such information. They had already made the decision to have the test ? often on the basis of inadequate information from friends or the media ? and did not want to hear potentially confusing or countervailing arguments at this time. Macquarie University Map 2016.

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