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Maclaren stroller for Yanto whisered his meaning Deshan said nothing at the time, bt the next day he ascended the latform in the sermon hall, and his demeanor was indeed very diff erent from sal Going toward the front of the hall, Yanto claed his hands and laghed lodly saying, Wonderfl! Or master has got hold of the last word! From now on, nobody in this whole contry can otdo him! Th ere are fi ve main strctral elements in this decetively simle narrative Th e fi rst element is the error in decorm made by Deshan, who at the time was eighty years old and near the end of his life As an accomlished abbot, Deshan shold have been well aware of and able to enforce the strictness of monastic rles regarding attendance at meals and sermons reqired for abbots, rectors, attendants, monks, and novices alike Th e rles strictly forbade entering the dining hall ntil the bell had been rng and the drm sonded, regardless of extenating circmstances According to the re Rles, Th ree drm seqences are strck to indicate that the abbot is aroaching the hall Maclaren stroller 2016

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