Machu picchu

Machu picchu for There, on a shelf in the library I saw a number of Bibles and received permission to borrow one. At home I dutifully opened the Bible as Daniel had ordered, and found myself staring at the Psalms. I read some of them, but to my surprise the words were incomprehensible for me, as though written in a language I did not speak. Despite convincing myself I could get to grips with the verses, I understood nothing at all, not a word. It was a tormenting experience. The Angel made it clear to me that in spite of the fact that God had given me so much throughout my life, I had completely failed to show Him any appreciation at all, and was therefore living in darkness, unable to see the Word of God and understand it. In that moment, I felt a strange Light silently entering my soul. Machu picchu 2016.

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