Macedonia & Thrace City

Macedonia & Thrace City for Zimbabwe’s exports were valued in 2002 at $2.1 billion and its imports at $1.5 billion, and its main trading partner was the neighboring nation of SOUTH AFRICA. The INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) suspended financial help to the country in the wake of Zimbabwe failing to meet budgetary guidelines. Zimbabwe’s economic status has raised international concern. Inflation has risen at an alarming rate, from an annual rate of 32 percent in 1998 to 59 percent in 1999, stabilizing somewhat at 60 percent in 2000, and then reaching a new height of 100 percent in 2001. Its GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) growth rate is in serious decline, at 6. Macedonia & Thrace City 2016.

Macedonia & Thrace City Photo Gallery

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