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Macedonia, TFYR Map on TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY Malthus, Thomas Robert 515 manifest destiny MANY AMERICANS in the 19th century thought they had a special, God-given mission to eventually take over all of North America; this belief was known as manifest destiny. The expansionist impulse had been pulsing for a while; right from the founding of the nation, Americans had pursued new lands and expressed a confidence in the republic’s distinct calling. President James MONROE acquired new territory in Florida, and in 1823 issued a statement of policy that asserted the nation’s prominence in North America. Beyond declaring American neutrality from foreign conflicts, the Monroe Doctrine affirmed that the UNITED STATES would oppose any further colonization of the western hemisphere by European nations, and would view any incursion into the continent as a threat. The idea that the United States had a special role to fulfill in North America would take on new significance in the late Jacksonian period. Democrats saw land as key to the very survival of republican government: new territories would provide room for the growth of settlement, and preserve the agrarian character of the nation. In 1845, New York journalist John O’Sullivan used the phrase manifest destiny to refer to the notion that Americans were providentially ordained to settle the entire continent. Macedonia, TFYR Map 2016.

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