Macchu picchu

Macchu picchu for So this manifestation of my Guardian Angel caught me off guard and had the effect of a brick falling on my head. As the full implication of the words dawned on me, I was overcome with joy. I giggled, amazed that my Guardian Angel had contacted me, and overcome by great joy I threw the pencil in the air and almost flew round the house, my feet barely touching the floor, while I was repeating loudly, I’m the luckiest person on earth!’ The whole day I felt elated ? light as a feather ? excitedly waiting for Per to return from work. When he arrived, he immediately spotted my exhilaration and asked, So, what’s up?’ I ? well ? er ? my Angel spoke to me!’ I blurted out. Per stared at me waiting to see what more I had to say. He pushed my hand to write what he was saying ? I saw him ? and I felt his presence, and well ? he even wrote to me.’ How? What did he say?’ He just gave his name and drew a heart, with a rose coming out of it. Macchu picchu 2016.

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