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Macao, (China) Map on He and his wife Jessie opened their home in Winnetka, Illinois, to a varied group of reformers, intellectuals, and artists. In 1886, Lloyd attended the trial of eight anarchists accused of setting off a bomb during a labor rally in Haymarket Square in Chicago. The trial was one of the most controversial of the era, and after the defendants were sentenced to death Lloyd actively campaigned to the governor for clemency for the condemned men. He also became an outspoken advocate of trade unionism, believing that it was one of the only defenses against the power of big business. Lloyd gave speeches at rallies for the Eight Hour Movement, and wrote about the abuses suffered by locked-out coal miners in Spring Valley, Illinois. He became involved in the settlement house work of Jane Addams at Hull House, and also worked to bring the message of the rural Populist Party to urban audiences, particularly workers. Yet even as he pursued these disparate projects, Lloyd remained fascinated by the problem of monopoly. Macao, (China) Map 2016.

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