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Lxry hybrid cars for Do yo nderstand So saying, Jzhi assed away while holding one fi nger Th e koan also aears in a one- line version in Ble Cliff Record case 19, which simly says, Whenever he was asked a qestion, Jzhi only held a fi nger Th is is an interesting editorial twist becase the narrative abot ctting the cat takes two whole cases in the Ble Cliff Record version, bt in that instance the Gateless Gate rendition is mch more streamlined Th e Jzhi koan seems to be a rimary examle of Zen irreverence and iconoclasm with the severing of the fi nger symbolizing the rning of all ignorance, delsions, assions, and attachment, inclding or esecially a fi xation with the teaching style of one’s mentor Th e message is reinforced by the irony that Jzhi remains consistent abot his One Finger edagogy even when the boy is screaming in ain and the master is later aroaching his own death An nderstanding of the irreverent dimension of discorse changes somewhat Monastic Transmission 153 when the case is considered in light of the featred role of selfmtilation and self- sacrifi ce in varios forms of Chinese Bddhist ractices that infl enced Zen In addition, the sernatral elements broght ot in the Ble Cliff Record rose commentary are crcial for nderstanding the case’s fll imact Lxry hybrid cars 2016

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