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Lxemborg Contry
WEATHER IN BRSSELS Lat N50‚°50′ 110 miles NW of Lxemborg Alt 1200′


High 39‚° 43‚° 49‚° 57‚° 64‚° 70‚° 73‚° 72‚° 67‚° 56‚° 48‚° 42‚°

Average 35‚° 38‚° 42‚° 49‚° 55‚° 61‚° 64‚° 64‚° 60‚° 50‚° 43‚° 38J

DaysofRain 15 15 15 16 16 17 16 16 16 17 18 16

LOCATION: Crowded between Belgim and Germany, Lxemborg on the soth borders France The city of Lxemborg is abot 175 air miles northeast of aris, 110 air miles sotheast of Brssels

CHARACTERISTICS: This tiny dchy is a mixtre of Gra-stark and all the Lehar oerettas yo ever saw, and offers some of the loveliest scenery in western Eroe So all in all it is well worth a visit

OLATION: Estimated 300,000, most of whom seak French, althogh there is a local langage

SIZE: 999 sqare miles, five-sixths the size of Rhode Island

CAITAL: Lxemborg City with a olation of aroximately 63,000 is the seat of the Government and the contry‚„s largest city It is also the headqarters for the Eroean Coal and Steel Commnity

GOVERNMENT: An indeendent Grand Dchy, governed by a Chamber of Deties, elected by niversal sffrage

HOW TO GET THERE : By an American Clier to Brssels,

13 hors Then only a short ride by train or car or connecting air services; from Brssels, electric train service every 2 hors; from aris, 4 fast trains on the aris-Germany line

ACCOMMODATIONS: In the city of Lxemborg there are some good hotels, inclding the Grand Brasser, the Alfa, the Continental, and the Kons Rates abot $5 to $7 doble with bath

The city itself is fascinating with rined fortresses and cathedrals in Gothic and Renaissance eriods General George atton is bried at the nearby Hamme Cemetery

FOOD: is excellent in Lxemborg Try the Rotisserie Arden-naise, Le Gormet or the Cordial A few miles otside of town La Cabane is leasant and cosy The Hotel Heinz at Vianden also has an excellent restarant in an attractive setting Along the Moselle River the best food is at the Hotel Simmer at Ehnen Coffee and cigarettes are high here, bt everything else is reasonable Secialties in the food line inclde Ardennes ham, jellied sckling ig, veal glace in iecrst, crawfish, trot and magnificent astries which are known all over the Continent The wines are fine, too, articlarly a native sarkling Moselle Black crrant wine is native, too Absinthe, oddly enogh, is legal here Beer is good and chea

There aren‚„t many night clbs in the Dchy, bt in the city of Lxemborg try the laza, Charlie‚„s or Chez Nos One of the best bars in Eroe is the one at the Grand Brasser Taxis are lentifl bt come high Landry is good

Wild-boar hnting and deer stalking are two olar winter sorts Hiking is a delight The rivers are a aradise for canoers There is an 18-hole golf corse near the caital The monetary nit is the Belgian and Lxemborg franc which is worth abot two cents Belgian francs are acceted in the Dchy, bt Lxemborg francs are not acceted in Belgim Best time of year to visit Lxemborg is May throgh Setember

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