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Luxembourg Country

WEATHER IN BRUSSELS Lat. N50‚°50′ (110 miles NW of Luxembourg) Alt. 1200′


High 39‚° 43‚° 49‚° 57‚° 64‚° 70‚° 73‚° 72‚° 67‚° 56‚° 48‚° 42‚°

Average 35‚° 38‚° 42‚° 49‚° 55‚° 61‚° 64‚° 64‚° 60‚° 50‚° 43‚° 38J

DaysofRain 15 15 15 16 16 17 16 16 16 17 18 16

LOCATION: Crowded between Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg on the south borders France. The city of Luxembourg is about 175 air miles northeast of Paris, 110 air miles southeast of Brussels.

CHARACTERISTICS: This tiny duchy is a mixture of Grau-stark and all the Lehar operettas you ever saw, and offers some of the loveliest scenery in western Europe. So all in all it is well worth a visit.

POPULATION: Estimated 300,000, most of whom speak French, although there is a local language.

SIZE: 999 square miles, five-sixths the size of Rhode Island.

CAPITAL: Luxembourg City with a population of approximately 63,000 is the seat of the Government and the country‚„s largest city. It is also the headquarters for the European Coal and Steel Community.

GOVERNMENT: An independent Grand Duchy, governed by a Chamber of Deputies, elected by universal suffrage.

HOW TO GET THERE : By Pan American Clipper to Brussels,

13 hours. Then only a short ride by train or car or connecting air services; from Brussels, electric train service every 2 hours; from Paris, 4 fast trains on the Paris-Germany line.

ACCOMMODATIONS: In the city of Luxembourg there are some good hotels, including the Grand Brasseur, the Alfa, the Continental, and the Kons. Rates about $5 to $7 double with bath.

The city itself is fascinating with ruined fortresses and cathedrals in Gothic and Renaissance periods. General George Patton is buried at the nearby Hamme Cemetery.

FOOD: is excellent in Luxembourg. Try the Rotisserie Arden-naise, Le Gourmet or the Cordial. A few miles outside of town La Cabane is pleasant and cosy. The Hotel Heinz at Vianden also has an excellent restaurant in an attractive setting. Along the Moselle River the best food is at the Hotel Simmer at Ehnen. Coffee and cigarettes are high here, but everything else is reasonable. Specialties in the food line include Ardennes ham, jellied suckling pig, veal glace in piecrust, crawfish, trout and magnificent pastries which are known all over the Continent. The wines are fine, too, particularly a native sparkling Moselle. Black currant wine is native, too. Absinthe, oddly enough, is legal here. Beer is good and cheap.

There aren‚„t many night clubs in the Duchy, but in the city of Luxembourg try the Plaza, Charlie‚„s or Chez Nous. One of the best bars in Europe is the one at the Grand Brasseur. Taxis are plentiful but come high. Laundry is good.

Wild-boar hunting and deer stalking are two popular winter sports. Hiking is a delight. The rivers are a paradise for canoers. There is an 18-hole golf course near the capital. The monetary unit is the Belgian and Luxembourg franc which is worth about two cents. Belgian francs are accepted in the Duchy, but Luxembourg francs are not accepted in Belgium. Best time of year to visit Luxembourg is May through September.

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