Lulu Guinness head-turning bags & more London

3 Ellis Street, SW1 020 7823 4828 Open 10-6 Mon-Fri, 11-6 Sat With its nostalgic illustrations and vintage fashion ads, this shop’s decor is as striking as the witty handbags on display. Guinness’s creations include a flower pot bursting with fabric roses and an embroidered circus tent complete with performing seal. Her retro-look cosmetics range is also sold.

Lulu Guinness head-turning bags & more London Photo Gallery

In contrast to twentieth-century experts, these experts go into the homes and videotape parents and children interacting prior to the advice and after it. They observe how parents put the advice into practice and fine-tune parental behaviors. Perhaps because these experts go into people’s homes and follow up, they are direct with their suggestions. The nannies are among the most realistic of the experts in knowing the amount of effort change requires. They spend one day observing and drawing up a plan for change and the rest of the week modeling and guiding parents interactions with children.

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