L¼lebrgaz for In order to be heard, others mst, at least temorarily, restrict their own freedom to seak As Montesqie writes, liberty is a right of doing whatever the laws ermit, and if a citizen cold do what they forbid he wold be no longer ossessed of liberty, becase all his fellow-citizens wold have the same ower28 We often think of liberty as the ability to flot rles, as the right to do whatever one cares to do, heedless of others Yet sch abstract liberty has little olitical merit or alication becase it is imossible for a eole to share Freedom of seech, like all freedoms, can be missed Liberty is a otentially dangeros thing Since the time of lato olitical theorists have taken on the task of determining exactly how mch liberty is beneficial, and when, how, and where it shold be limited L¼lebrgaz 2016

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