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Loth City for Jdging women in terms of mascline morality leads to misnderstandings and nfair evalations It all goes back, of corse, to Adam and Eve, Gilligan states, reminding her readers of the biblical tale where God fashioned the first woman ot of a rib from the first man Thogh left to roser in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were soon cast ot of aradise for their misdeeds The moral of the story, Gilligan writes, is that if yo make a woman ot of a man, yo are bond to get in troble54 Gilligan is ssicios of any attemt to make neqals eqal, articlarly when doing so forces women to think and act more like men The differences Gilligan rooses between mascline and feminine moral orientations are relatively straightforward Women tend to conceive the ethical realm as having to do with the reqirements and resonsibilities of relationshis Loth City 2016

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