Salan friends they three today. I am in social pay. And I love it here when. I was here. And seven friends fifteen years ago. I actually liked entropy the most because it’s this smallest is the most out of the way. I don’t really like cities. So this was just like this little town but super cute. And as you can see this is the main square with beautiful trees. And it’s just like relaxing small-town vibe that. I love. And I hope. I can show it to you in my post. So you can see for yourself how amazing it is like. I said super one of these trees cold but, I’m. So bad with trees. And birds. And all we made into the water friends with a lot of well a lot of fancy boats we’re looking for a place to have some lunch that wouldn’t cost an arm. And a leg by the way we have this theory that all the dogs. And friends are white. And of course all we can see is white dogs everywhere we go interesting my kind of paintings. I still promised myself no start collecting stuff from my travels but look how beautiful these paintings are the Olaf two disabled one or this one. So lovely lovely quality cute streets full of cute streets in here just up for a quick drink, I’m having watermelon banana will be. I think I’ve ever had a to. So bright come to you alright better watermelon banana smoothie which from like a organic place very interesting combination but it’s very refreshing for this type of looks like a movie set. So cute. And I’m sweet tiny bit. And this is they’re.

LOOK HOW CUTE SAINT TROPEZ IS French Riviera Cote dAzur Photo Gallery

So cute. I love this. So pretty. And we’re just going to get me into eat mmm fish some Rochester looks amazing some eggplant. And we have a CD as well. So we made it back to calm. And the ones represent areas interpret was amazing. I hope it shows in my blog if not. I apologize host too excited. I just. And now, I’m like in a parking lot of starting my con blog with an orange juice machine but honestly traveling that we’ve never seen freshly squeezed orange juice they’re in the fridge down there. And the order. And they make your own orange juice genius but coming out of the parking lot. I just posted a photo from cons. So that’s from some trip we just posted this photo amazing. And now we’re walking towards the palace the festival palace. And now we’re walking around looking at people’s hands pressed around seeing if. I can recognize someone signature or hence a short that cancer most wrong Sharon Stone Sharon Stone is here the funny story is when. I was working in a film business a few years ago actually exactly here it goes like July last year. So still blogging but already like still working its own business on the side walls already blogging. And funny thing is we were filming in the house right next to her house set parked the car. And heard like closer to her driver was kind of like poking her driver. And she was just driving. And she got started she came up seems like what the is going on with excuse my French but we’re in France. I guess. I can use it. And yeah it was crazy she was very very upset but. So my one episode with Sharon Stone. And she’s young fine here’s the sketchy. So yeah we disorder crepe Michael order the culottes. And and Nutella which is proposes like the cookie it looks like peanut butter but it’s actually, I’m going to trim it.

And you can see, I’m trying to get up this is cool up in their heart post yeah just like a cookie we just had it try it it’s actually really good. And that’s what in that crepe yum monocles design of the pancakes make these guys make one for their own cuz they thought it was super crazy now. I think he likes it is it good you like it you like it try, I’m curious to see if you like it very good not really there we have an event here but the entrance. And this is your way from Cartier on the crosswalk. So oh how cute these gentlemen from curt here to the beach right thing, I’m finishing my blog with our dinner this is foie gras for little duck. And this is my salad hahaha no, I’m actually waiting for my rain. And Michael got a sink with a french fries over in France nice this is day four gentleman’s playing on the violin. And we came to the viewpoint. And con you can see the entire town from here let me show you. So we had dinner the other day that’s where the festival palaces water fiction nice. And warm beautiful beautiful view great way to finish our day in France finishing the blog is going to be boring to me we plan for today to walk around calm. And it’s just too modern. So we gave up after this quick blog that. I just showed you. And then we drove to an T. And T before into this. I don’t know my French is really bad. And we were supposed to hang up here but then we’re suffering from the nothing’s as nice as me syndrome which basically means that we decided to leave. And drag to leave again. And still more time there before we fly out tonight which is lovely. So So So much which is kind of crazy to think that we already spend there two days. And we’re going back there, I’m very surprised actually didn’t think, I’m well liked nice is much but thank you. So hey Bernie but everybody see me maybe. I’ll finish my blog here okay.

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