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Lonely travel for hato, J wato, K hwad Th is reqired learning only a highly abbreviated form of a case, for examle, cyress tree, wash yor bowl, or drink tea, rather than the Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 49 fll dialoge or commentaries Th e rec ords of koans became a way for monks in training to focs their contemlation on ar tic lar hrases that roelled them to an exerience of enlightenment in which ordinary langage and logic were left behind Based on graling with this fnction of dialoges, a system was created for masters to instrct and examine disciles’ rogress, althogh there were oft en confl icting nderstandings of how this testing ro cess shold be ndertaken Th e main view in today’s research is that monks were reqired to learn the fll body of literatre bt sed the keyword techniqe to sharen their meditative focs Lonely travel 2016

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