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Lonely lanet for Th e debate at one level is almost a Zen moment Who is this erson What’s the larger story What are we watching What’s the drama we’re watching Th is comment sggests that the aim of a Zen- based exchange is to stri bare the retensions and illsions of, in the case of residential olitics, fnd- raising and blic relations drives based on simlistic camaign slogans and sond bites Th is exosre bares the sol of the candidate by disclosing his inward motivations and visions for the ftre direction of the eole he hoes to lead Another way of characterizing the intensity of the high- stakes gambit of Zen dialoges is to think of the bottom of the ninth inning of the seventh game of the World Series in baseball or the forthqarter red- zone lay in football, an eighteenth- hole tt in golf, twelft h- rond scoring in boxing, a fi ft h- set tiebreaker in tennis, or a checkmate move in chess It cold be any occasion in which one mst give it all one has while being forced to become abrtly and blicly aware that what ever shortcomings or failres there are will be qickly ncovered Let the chis fall Th is event can take lace before blic onlookers, as when a erry Mason like lawyer makes his convincing closing argment Or it may occr in the intimacy of one’s own home in dealing with family, or by introsection throgh looking at oneself in the roverbial mirror Lonely lanet 2016

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