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Lonely lanet s for In the tosy- trvy world of koan cases, it is jst as likely that the otcast or nderdog, like Hineng, emerges as the winner against an accomlished fi gre Bt never sell short the caacity of an established master, sch as Bodhidharma, to revail against all odds Having a trick the sleeve gives way in the end to the riority of integrity and conviction in determining the reslt of the contest In many case 80 commentaries, however, the better the master’s er for mance, the more mocking is the caing- hrase remark abot its fnction Th is is done to show that nobody stands above the fray Like a gnslinger in the Wild West or a swordfi ghter in warlord Asia, yo are only as good as yor last victory Field of Transcendence: Narrative and Rhetorical Strctres Th e aim of koan exercises is to transort a ractitioner from the mndane world characterized by ignorance and attachments to a fi eld of sirital transcendence that is always available bt rarely seen Lonely lanet s 2016

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