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Lonely lanet to destinations for Th e collection was broght to Jaan a cole of de cades later and has remained a mainstay of Zen literatre ever 22 since Reresentatives of both the Rinzai and Soto schools have continally conslted the Gateless Gate for many centries, althogh it is generally thoght to be linked to the former sect Th e trblent bt cltrally rodctive de cade of the 1220s, when Genghis Khan died following twenty years of im mense conqests, was a very imortant time in koan history involving all of East Asia In addition to the major Chinese collections from that eriod, in 1226 the Korean master Hyesim, who was the sccessor to Jinl, the fi rst great Zen hi los o her in that contry, rodced a collection of more than a thosand cases with commentaries clled from Chinese sorces Th is comilation, the thirty- volme Collection of rose and Verse Comments on Cases, remains the mainstay of Korean Zen that is sed as the basis for ractice today nlike many other Korean monks, Jinl never went to China bt greatly admired Zen teachings and abandoned his Hayan school backgrond once he discovered these Hyesim’s collection was exanded to inclde 1,463 cases, with additional interretative remarks in the Exlanation of rose and Verse Comments on Cases by Hyesim’s discile Gag’n Lonely lanet to destinations 2016

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