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Check footrests for wear.

rubbers, and the handlebar grips. All Triumphs had rubber pads on the footrests (even the Tiger) so well worn or torn examples indicate high mileage, which may or may not concur with what the mileometer or the owner is claiming! Of course, rubbers can be replaced, so this isn’t an infallible method – look for suspiciously new rubbers on an otherwise well used bike.


Spine-frame is of thick steel, and very strong.

The most important job here is to check whether the main frame is straight and true. Crash damage may have bent it, putting the wheels out of line. One way of checking is by using an experienced eye and taut string, but the surest way to ascertain a frame’s straightness is on the test ride any serious misalignment should be obvious in the way the bike handles.

If the bike pulls to one side (i.e. you need to put more force on one bar than the other to keep the bike in a straight line), then the frame could well be bent. The same goes if it appears to corner better in one direction than the other. There should be no wobbles or weaves, whether in a straight line at speed, or when cornering.

Check the steering head for damage and flaking paint.

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