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Lonely planet 2015 best in travel on Disability policies are designed to achieve one or more of the following goals: offset lost earnings through income transfers; require employers to accommodate disabled individuals in the workplace; and retrain disabled individuals for jobs in which their limitations would not prevent employment. In essence, disability benefits represent a social insurance policy; all taxpayers contribute to those unfortunate enough to become disabled. Policymakers, concerned about the incentive to feign disability in order to receive income transfers, typically require physician certification of disability and waiting periods before benefits may be received. Many of the discussions regarding health policy focus on issues of fairness and equity of access and care. While the tools of economics can be effectively used to assess the efficiency impacts of alternate health-care policies, the discipline of economics is silent on normative questions of equity. 374 health BIBLIOGRAPHY. Michael Grossman, On the Concept of Health Capital and the Demand for Health, Journal of Political Economy (1972); Joseph P. Lonely planet 2015 best in travel 2016.

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