Londonderry Map

Londonderry Map 8 Londonderry Map

Londonderry Map

Resolution: 469 x 600 95 kB
Size: 469 x 600 95 kB

Londonderry Map 12 Londonderry Map

Londonderry Bishop‚„s Gate View of Londonderry Londonderry Map

Londonderry Map 91 Londonderry Map

Londonderry, Northern Ireland Map

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Londonderry Map 216 Londonderry Map

Map of Northern Ireland ‚ County Londonderry (Derry)

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Derry/Londonderry Map

Londonderry Map for The value of qualitative enquiry can be highlighted by the findings of a recent study conducted in New York Karasz and McKinley Cultural differences in illness perceptions were explored using a case vignette of a women suffering from fatigue', and responses compared between European American women and South Asian immigrant women. While the women sampled shared some conceptions of fatigue e.g. perceiving both physical and psychological general causes, there were significant differences. For example, European Americans referred more often to genetic causes, medicalised/somatised the condition more and considered it a chronic condition, whereas South Asian women tended to think fatigue was temporary, caused by something transient and less needing of medical treatment. In exploring reasons for these differences, the qualitative accounts exemplify differing models of illness ? a biomedical disease' model European Americans and a more socially oriented depletion' model which also drew on traditional humoral' concepts of illness see Chapter It is worth noting that the similarities and differences between groups may not hold for other symptoms, or indeed for other comparison groups. Culture, these authors note, is more than simply a demographic variable, and only through this type of study can we begin to explore the structures, contexts, conditions, ideologies, and processes through which culture shapes illness cognition and illness behaviour' p One limitation of this study, however, is that participants were invited to respond to the vignette in a way that addressed predetermined IR dimensions. Londonderry Map 2016.

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