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London train map for The process of planning may be defined as a set of logical steps that are internally consistent for analyzing decision situations in order to create a plan of choice actions. It is the development of the algorithmic steps that define the content of the plan, which presents a road map for actualizing the potential as conceived. The planning process is established through the theory of planning whose body components are directed to answer the question of: a) What are the logical body components and their parametric boundaries, and b) how are these logical components interrelated to constitute a theoretical unity that establishes the plan and parametric sensitivity for plan implementation? The theory of planning belongs to the subject matter of prescriptive science rather than an explanatory science. It is about the design of prescriptive rational rules to be followed by the decision practitioner in order to bring into being that which is cognitively conceived. The basic aim of theory of planning conceived in terms of prescriptive science is to improve reality through conscious choice-decision steps of problem solving. The objective is not the explanation of what there is, but a transformation of what there is (the actual) to what ought to be (the willed potential). In its skeletal sense it is composed of a) problem definition, b) diagnosis and analysis, c) plan, and d) implementation and evaluation. London train map 2016.

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