LONDON Notting Hill Farmacy Vegan Restaurant Dishoom Tower Bridge

LONDON Notting Hill Farmacy Vegan Restaurant Dishoom Tower Bridge

Or at my CP face Rekha it’s like they give me for an hour run and it’s called and, I have a little bit of a sore throat. So I look like. I have a neck thing all right. So yeah. So try to run behind her for an hour on a husband workout little too chilling lives in such a pretty area all right oh look in the morning style it’s totally unfit she’s running. So fast after minutes a hug daddy yeah now we’re just waiting for the birthday girl blow her candles all right it’s going to hours to get ready to leave justice it was. So fun to like really enjoy seeing apartment alone and, I really love this city. So lucky to be saying you’re restore, I’m wearing my new glasses. I don’t really need them but hey. I was four versus sunglasses Utica booth sunny someone’s out wearing these glasses that who care he Australia favorite brand, I can serious. I think I’ve owned like acres of different pairs from them loved them ripped jeans me shoes from Topshop the platform spies bro shoes that you know, I’m in listen everyone take these white shirt this underneath. So this color Searcy Oh perfect dissection. I was told you my house in this store Oh totally. So when.

LONDON Notting Hill Farmacy Vegan Restaurant Dishoom Tower Bridge Photo Gallery

I live here are like why it was. So pretty don’t you think. I love the colors very cool oh here. I was like yesterday the batter. I didn’t think the battery that was fully charged. So I couldn’t take any photos today. I was making sure that. I take everything and guess what. I didn’t have that the part of the tribe work goes into the camera. So I just want to show you how, I’m coping right in here that’s right. So, I’m using a bag for balance then. I use this tree for a little tree it’s actually just, I’m using the cage of the tree they put the lens on the tripod then. I tied the camera to to this gate and then. I wrapped around here. So in case something move it just makes it a little more stable and if it falls then for example something happens and the camera still hanging here stays just to take your father this is Portobello market. So Notting Hill but look how beautiful oh my goodness this is like. So perfect Wow. So the farmers market is wrapping up right here and looking written coffee place. So just posted on my story they asked where is a good place to get some lunch here in nothing hill and some are horrified if you will reply for one person replied to go to pharmacies in London and, I looked it up and it’s vegetarian and it looks awesome. So this is where, I’m heading right now although.

I was hoping to stay here but not like nah. I want. So we have even carrion does this is pharmacy it’s amazing while holding down my alley let’s take a look this is an associate. I smelled like truffle and this is matcha lemon ginger at rogue coconut water and freshmen amazing as well thank you and this is my verdict feature down when to be true the coconut milk curd was luckily to carry on their yogurt. So listen very safe but it’s not very heavy or kind of spicy there’s long syndrome ever and it was be true. I don’t like future in America where this is all absolutely delicious and all like I’ve hit all the right spots we’re having lunch. So on. I’ll juice. I’ll just have everything thanks oh my god which is like this menu house makeover experience yogurt third with GSB porridge fresh food frenzy online can be fun. I mean everything on this menu oh look in my hair, I’m singing with another fellas over. So I know from Instagram been following me and supporting me all this time submitting them she’s in London Bridge see. So these are my fellow Instagram stars long flamingo and seeing them there was foolish but they lived here and London and we’ve been talking to Instagram like crazy people and now, I’m going to send the photos young children and that sends my needs we’re taking photos everywhere. I go. So so because let’s go behind the scenes here we are taking pictures of traveling her shoes it’s So hard to avoid people here they’re literally everywhere and the weather’s in the grid. But I think we’re still going to take a beautiful shot oh yeah this girl she did salute to least that indentures. I don’t know if you can this high heels but yeah she’s crazy but hopefully now we’re going to have a perfect capture. So cute loving it any ass she’s still in the umbrella. So the guys still waiting behind us to get it back but yeah sure she will never get it back okay poor guys ever worked great grief our love us for good lighting.

I want to show you the view to over Wow. So cool Rekha Rika is taking me to dish this room right here a prank appearance like the hottest place in London under my children office this is normal is because no people And I’ll never mind thank you made it here my hair is kind of surviving just raining Louie weather here in London. I could change my junk food we have to wait for tables like hour and a half on through my testers and just jump soon. I really like that it’s drama aces pretty connected people are making it and after insect the hottest restaurant in London and haven’t been here you haven’t been to London karyam vegetables over here you can just displace by their quality of drinks is on the creative really good pretty good. I think this for reordering we’re going to order them house out and as you can see the prices are very reasonable if. I guess is. So popular, I’m going at this veggie Brioni and we’re going to get hotter from there as well Wow. I like this this is awesome it’s like dough awesome doesn’t have one giant piece of garlic little bit city saw how big it is yeah as a few it looks like that actually it up it looks like a face up like this. I I asked and also ordered out beautiful little place. So soft on my gosh it’s evil like everyone look at all this look at discrete sushi and stuff our commemoration Judy, I’m a nice restaurant peasant for pound signs. So I get five a three dollar sign into four pound like super expensive but the use has really used to London.

So here and oh let’s see if you will we can see from here break and, I moved inside here awesome you can almost see the carpet over here and Rick is also telling me that every blowing amendment has nicknamed the dishonest school for him to look like soft popsicle or something and there’s cheese graters right there is a walkie talkies all day now how many names here is amazing. I want to do papers up some champagne yeah it’s a little overpriced a glass of champagne is pounds. So it’s about like it may be that is about almost twenty dollars five inclusive and an amazing view this too that’s not terrible. I mean it was pretty bad we celebrate America’s birthday. So there’s a price to pay for that thank you going it does for and the unit that could be past midnight in London yes no oh my god oh my god it’s only like freaked me out it’s the whole good reader. I just want to show the reality of living in London and you have a little bag for your Cinderella shoes because it’s plus. So we’re wearing sneakers Trevor your shoes. I wake up wearing flat how more classy, I’m just. I just, I’m just wearing trainers with no shame because it’s So much walking around and running. I would get like two back for back like every single night. So there are shoes are ready for another night miss meet Prince Charming come back to real life and tubing to pose clothes will bring back home.

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