LONDON Buckingham Palace Big Ben Oxford St Victoria Beckham Topshop

LONDON Buckingham Palace Big Ben Oxford St Victoria Beckham Topshop

I just learned four more. So pull ones to fully exhaust it. I didn’t get any sleep last night hanging out with my friends and, I am now. I just transferred on the bus that comes from London Luton Airport here to Victoria Station now, I’m about to catch a tube to my friend’s apartment where. I’ll be staying at it’s awesome oh it’s way streets almost here and, I have to say the first difference. I can see just traveling by public transport with my giant suitcase and going up and down stairs all the time in Paris. I was completely on my own when passed by. So many people just you know and like that okay she’s go to the suitcase but here on the other hand there are a different man asking me if they can help me with my suitcase or women holding door for me or helping with my suitcase asking how, I’m doing which is very nice and like. I said it’s been years since I’ve been to London. So I’ve changed the person and, I think that it’s kind of fun to come back you know my god. I actually think of it a very very different name and, I enjoy all their like coffee shops and stuff. So far. So good Placid love this area self incentive. So great like from Bridget Jones movie well. I just heard my friend’s apartment it’s oh really yeah little bit take a look it’s beautiful and such a perfect like London view take a look this is my view from the window this is my new from the window it’s like. So British see there is a cub outside huh that’s awesome it’s just amazing.

LONDON Buckingham Palace Big Ben Oxford St Victoria Beckham Topshop Photo Gallery

I love like taking my friend’s place not only because it’s beautiful but also because it’s framed but also because it’s feels like, I’m a local already, I’m living in apartment. I get to feel what it’s like it just makes me feel. So I don’t know like a local already. I kind of love it like. I step into her life. So immediately and it helps me a lot. So yeah total meal inspirations there are. So many healthy vegetarian options everywhere it makes me. So happy just like butternut salad it’s just going going what Moroccan spice butternut salad there is lentil those well sir. I already have three salads to choose from and, I haven’t even started really looking avvocato grain-fed on a little big, I’m raring to get sunglasses. I can’t see anything. I wanted to show you there’s this giant line take a photo with it but it’s just. So busy we’re gonna have they all gonna have like people on their chops that’s a good man the power right there looking around. I do feel a little sleepy unfortunately because of my girlfriend’s ooh what happened last night look brighter feel a little better they walk around hopefully hi hi guys Buckingham Palace right there. I have to tell you it is pretty loud in here and, I’m just walking between Big Ben and Buckingham Palace and, I have been gone. I haven’t been in London in a very long time tell you like well. I actually really really like it and that’s how but the weather is nice and it’s sunny which is very unusual for London and, I realize that this definitely has an influence over my experience but oh. So nice when you’re like. I mean. I miss Michael but it’s So nice to be by yourself in a city. I make one there aimlessly without even having a pressure to take a photo. I just wanna record a vlog And I’ll take you on this stroll around the city with me there’s a helicopter landing right next to Buckingham Palace and, I’m just here just in the park look in the palace and dinging well.

I wish my posts succeeds to show how fun it is just stroll around London and how fun the weather is it’s very nice and you know. I try to fight with prejudices and any sort of pre assumptions that. I have got the countries and, I do find that, I’m very you know, I’m personally very liberal and, I do not like tradition as much as. I like nature and, I like. I don’t we like cities but then those things like this and it’s fun it’s fun for a few days it’s just not necessarily my thing but yeah taxis bread buses. So this is my sandwich it’s like Indian inspired chickpeas veggie sandwich and green team the view. I just got. So hungry. I have to have some Victoria Beckham right here oh. I wish no be nice we should go in. So I just walked out of the Victoria Beckham store it was amazing they didn’t take me didn’t let me take any posts or photos it’s not allowed. But I want to show you all these beautiful dresses and when, I’m just strolling around going to Oxford Street to buy some sunglasses to hide my total sleep deprivation drinking green tea and you know just literally hanging out the golf go off at her back and go oh look at these roses holy moly it’s So beautiful now time to do some shopping sure, I’m starting with Topshop we don’t we have a lemon mangos here too let’s see on this London question is all about as probably know my favorite some less companies he Australia has like five different bird sound lessons. So far from them and, I have considering using them but the most amazing sound glasses for like. So not. So bad less expensive people’s those great bands that are had before, I’m definitely. But I get a few. I want to show you what. I got from getting this coat is like amazing. So in love this beautiful detail having personal problems usually top mostly Topshop and mango the do stores we don’t have it LA all the other ones are like and he’s super awesome now. I was going to do something more but, I’m tired and this is extremely heavy including my camera outside we home leave it and even go for a run with my friend break cut later on we’ll see at the gym this is the reason, I’m here my friend Rekha right there and she’s motivating me to do some exercise before we eat everything all the food in London that’s out there it’s got meat we’ll eat it don’t worry my twenties. I couldn’t afford it anything like it back in the. So funny how things work we’re not seeing kill going to redemption break the signature vegan restaurant break cut of the meat from burst. So she she’s my inspiration for that it’s lay and we’re hungry. So Oh cute oh this is my duplication for a few brands, I’m like oh this is beautiful Wow.

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